Core values

We exist to make disciples for the glory of God.

Everything we do has this goal in mind. 

Place of Worship

There are three distinctives we intentionally focus on to help us

accomplish our goal of making disciples for the glory of God.

We make the gospel central.

The entire Bible is one big story. The main character is God, and the One he uses to redeem the entire universe is his Son, Jesus. The gospel is the good news that Jesus came to save not just sinners, but the entire world. Because the gospel is the main theme of the Bible, it is also our main theme as a church. 

we live in biblical community.

As Christians we are called by God to live in community with one another. However, it is easy for us to gather ourselves into community with others based on things other than God and his word. At Standing Springs we want to fight the urge to build community around anything other than Jesus who we learn about through God’s word. To do that, we strive to obey God’s word and apply it to our lives through Christian relationships. 

we reproduce ourselves.

This core value is similar to our “why?” of making disciples for the glory of God, but it contains a further element. Not only do we want to reproduce ourselves on an individual basis (personal discipleship), we also want to reproduce ourselves on a corporate basis (church planting). We do not seek to simply obey the Lord and serve him; we seek to teach others how to obey and serve along with us. 

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Learn more from Pastor Jordan about our core values, why they're important, and how we interact with them as a faith family.