Small groups

Users  What are small groups? 

Small groups are a context for biblical community that leads to one-on-one disciple making. These groups help us bear one another's burdens, hold one other accountable, and grow one another as Christ-followers. Each week, small groups meet in homes around Simpsonville for 1.5 - 2 hours to share in fellowship, prayer, and a deeper dive into the previous week's sermon.  These groups are intentionally designed to be less than 20 people, to give time and space for deeper discussion and relationships to form. 

Small groups are essential to accomplishing our core values of making the gospel central, living in biblical community, and reproducing ourselves. We believe attending a worship service each week is important, but even more important is being in close relationship with other Christians. 

User Who can attend? 

Anyone! We want to create space for multi-generational biblical community. Small groups are a simple way for this to happen. Our goal is to have groups that are made up of people from every generation, from children to senior saints. Childcare is available in each group and we encourage families to attend together.